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2024: Greater is Coming

2020: My Soul Says Yes

2016: We Give You Praise
2011: Chicago Mass XV Live
2007: Just Having Church | Live
2005: Project Praise: Live in Atlanta
2003: Live in Nashville
2001: Calling on You
1999: Saved, Sealed, Delivered
1998: Keep Your Mind on Jesus

1997: You Love Me
1996: Hold On, Don't Give Up
1995: The Best of Chicago Mass Choir
1994: I'm So Grateful
1993: Please Don't Leave Me
1992: He That Believeth
1991: Call Him Up
1990: Right Now If You Believe

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CMC Perfect PRaise.jpg
CMC Live In Nashville.jpg
CMC Calling On You.jpg
Saved, Sealed, Delivered.JPG
keep your mind.JPG


Take Me Back

Virtual Choir Video: 

God is My Everything!

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